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We think beyond our surveillance goals.The key to optimizing your security and harnessing the power of network video is to choose a partner with the knowledge

We think beyond our surveillance goals.The key to optimizing your security and harnessing the power of network video is to choose a partner with the knowledge, focus and resources to help fulfil your long-term vision. The industry’s most comprehensive and usable portfolio of professional network video products and solutions delivers the quality, reliability and flexibility to secure your goals. Wherever you are, whatever your business sector or size, we work with a strong team of professionals to ensure that you get the best network video results. Our combined expertise gives each customer a high quality cost-effective solution.Think integration and interoperabilityOur solutions ensure easy integration and scalability. We incorporate open technology standards, create solutions that run on standard networks and utilize off-the-shelf equipment, so that you can make the most of your existing infrastructures. We always focus on usability: utilizing our own core technologies, we are able to anticipate and quickly adapt our offering to market needs, and achieve the integration and interoperability that tomorrow’s applications will demand.

Think results through expertiseWhatever your aim – protecting people and property, optimizing processes or improving business efficiency– we offer a network video solution that fulfils your need. Our partnerships, with global communications Trans-RSA as well as local experts, ensure the geographic coverage and the expert know-how to deliver satisfying results for even the most customized application requirements.   Our hands-on approach to partnership includes Comprehensive training programs at our workshop to stay ahead of technology changes and market trends. The unifying goal: to best serve customers, whether they are large multinational corporations, public organizations or small to mid-sized enterprises.TransportationOur network video gives you the means to improve safety, control flow and enhance overall security at airports and public transport hubs, and even on-board vehicles using the Ogier technology Remote surveillance lets you monitor everything: check-in, Platforms, gates, hangars, parking lots and baggage systems, as well as vehicles in service. Network video traffic monitoring and management reduces congestion, improves traffic flow and captures plate numbers with the License Plate Recognition cameras. As in the picture below showing our team of engineers installing LPR cameras at the Nnamdi Azikiwe international Airport entrance toll Abuja.GovernmentOur offering helps protect all kinds of public buildings, from museums and offices to libraries and prisons. Supervising security at building access areas and remote monitoring points 24/7, our cameras increase security for staff and visitors. They also help prevent vandalism and provide visitor statistics.

City surveillanceNetwork video is an essential tool for fighting crime and protecting the public. In   emergencies, network cameras can help police or fire fighters to quickly focus their action. Our advanced network cameras offer razor sharp detail, motion detection and Tamper -resistance. Operating over both wired and wireless networks, they are ideal and extremely cost-effective tools to promote the security that ensures safer cities. Banking and financeStarting with existing CCTV equipment and infrastructure, you can create state-of-the-art network video surveillance systems that deliver exceptional image detail and powerful event management. Security staff can monitor multiple branches from a central or mobile location, and rapidly verify and respond to alarms.


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